SPÄNST | Stampd x Ikea

SPÄNST | Stampd x Ikea

SPÄNST | Stampd x Ikea

The starting point for SPÄNST began by exploring the changes and needs of young homes today, with a special focus on active, urban lifestyles.

We were inspired by the sports industry and the conscious consumer - people who are not only concerned with what they wear, but also how to collect and show off those items - beautifying their surroundings in the process.

For many, the home is an extension of who we are and how we live our lives. You don’t just want to store the items that reflect your identity, you want to put them on display, for you to admire and for the world to see. Geared towards the home and the streets, limited edition collection SPÄNST explores how to furnish for the active, urban nests of today.

"It’s all in the details: on many of the products you’ll find the coordinates for the first IKEA store in Sweden and the flagship Stampd store in L.A." - Chris Stamp

Photos: Creations of La

Art Direction : Chris Stamp

Set Design : Kelly Fondry