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Stampd | Monkey Time Spring 17'

"Under the Crown" is informed by the punk rock movement that took place in the late 1970's working class England with bands like The Clash. They protested against the monarchy (the crown) and the aristocratic hierarchy which was glaringly obvious at the time.

As the population swelled, the masses were pushed into large projects that were poorly designed with little public space and even less social benefits. As a result, conflict and complacency became a common place. This social change in attitude lead to an explosion of new ideas, way of dressing the rebelling against the norm; the battle cries to RIOT and protest became more and more audible, and the punk movement was born. The style is still relevant today and can be seen in collections on runways of every season. Distressing, bondage straps, bleaching fabrics, all were born out of 1970's London punk rock music, which came from a desire to not be subservient to a crown.

Available @11am pst 2.11.2017

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