Stampd Technical Mask

Stampd Technical Mask

Stampd Technical Mask

The shape of the mask is designed to fit to the shape of the face, allowing for a superior fit for the user.

Nose bridge made from shape memory material assures a snug fit to the nose.

Unique cording system allows for the wearer to place mask on face with minimal touching of the mask itself. When the mask is not on the face, the mask can hang from your neck to allow for easy wear at a moment’s notice.

Mask is reversible, using comfortable technical material with excellent moisture wicking and quick-dry properties due to the capillary action of the polyester yarn used. Features the ability to absorb/disperse/dry water at twice the speed.

This material provides the convenience of high breathability and drying over a short period of time. Internal lining in moisture wicking quick dry mesh keeps the inside of the mask dry even if the wearer perspires.

100% Polyester 

Exclusive of trim, featuring the Stampd® brick woven label at wearers left side. 

Designed in collaboration with Takehiko Hanafusa, Hand Made in Japan.